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Mieczysław Joniec was awarded for his charitable activities.
Mieczysław Joniec was awarded for his charitable activities.

An award for charity work was given to Mieczysław Joniec.






Mieczysław Joniec – the owner of Joniec company – was awarded for his charity work in the community . The Jury of the Award appreciated an effort and commitment od Mieczysław Joniec given to many local initiatives. One of them is an organisation of Polish Championship and Cup Polish Super Enduro and supporting local sportsmen of this very interesting motor sport. The show takes place on the track in Tymbark and became the fixture in the calendar of events in Limanowa.

Mieczysław Joniec also takes an active part in every-year pre Christmas campaign „Green Christmas Tree”, which is organised to help the most needed family in the Limanowa county. He personalny distributes gifts from all donors. The following organisation supported by Mieczysław Joniec is Remedium Assosiation from Tymbark that for several years has organised therapy workshops  for adults with disabilities.

One more initiative: directed to children who are participants in accidents and are transported in ambulances. For several years about 100-200 teddy bears are given to the director of a local hospital. Teddy bears are a perfect tool to calm children in difficult moments of their lives.

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