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Split fences - System GORC de Luxe GL22


Split fence GORC de Luxe GL22 is an innovative system developed by company JONIEC and introduced in 2004. By broadening width and reducing height of a block we achieved an exceptional fence very different from typical worldwide solutions used so far. From the beginnings this interesting idea has been very popular with customers. High quality of elements is achieved through employment of Vibro technology in the production process. Split sandstone texture is a result of using Splitting technology process. Each element which undergoes splitting gains a unique design. A variety of colours, including new MULTI-COLOR: Vera, Golden, Onyx, Piryt, inimitable textures, possibility of building single posts or posts with foundations and full walls allow for interesting and diverse solutions. It will perfectly match your house and garden surroundings.

The highest quality of the fencing system GORC de Luxe was appreciated by Jury of Golden Helmet competition at XXIV TARGBUD fair in Katowice – our product was awarded the First Prize.


GORC de Luxe GL22 - Connector ŁSO

Powiększ Application – connects two GP tiles. This way we receive a full wall element which is used for building fencing foundations and walls.

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GORC de Luxe GL22 - Post elements GU+GA

Powiększ Application – building fences and posts made of system GORC, support posts, pillars. Sold in sets 1+1 (GA+GU). Symbol - GA, GU. One pallet contains 70 pcs.

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GORC de Luxe GL22 - Wall elements GM

Powiększ Application – building fencing foundations, walls and posts for system GORC. Elements GM can be used with tiles GP to create foundations for other fences. Symbol – GM. One pallet contains 70 pcs.

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GORC de Luxe GL22 - Wall tile GP

Powiększ Application – building fencing foundations, walls. Two GP tiles with four links ŁSO create one block, which can be used instead of GM element. Symbol – GP. One pallet contains 170 pcs.

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