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Split fences - System GORC de Luxe GL38


System GORC Gorc de Luxe GL38 is an innovative idea of company JONIEC and a follow-up of GORC de Luxe GL22. It was developed and introduced in 2003. The split blocks are bigger than in GORC de Luxe GL22 system. Therefore, the posts look more solid and constitute impressive gate posts, pillars and walls. This system will definitely make your house surroundings look elegant and stately.


Using GORC de Luxe GL38 elements for posts and GORC de Luxe GL22 elements for foundations or walls in between is a very interesting solution. Natural sandstone texture and new colours MULTI-COLOR will certainly fascinate and please many customers.


The value of system GORC was appreciated by Golden Helmet competition Jury at XXIV TARGBUD fair in Katowice – our product was awarded the First Prize.

GORC de Luxe GL38 - Post elements GUD+GAD

Powiększ Application – building fences, posts, pillars. Sold in sets 1+1 (GAD+GUD). Symbol - GUD, GAD.

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GORC de Luxe GL38 – Wall elements GMD

Powiększ Application – building fences, massive fencing foundations and walls.

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