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A Strong Man of Limanowa land.
A Strong Man of Limanowa land.

Mieczysław Joniec has been awarded in plebiscite “Strong Man of a region 2015”.

Mieczysław Joniec, the owner of JONIEC company, has been awarded in Gazeta Krakowska’s  plebiscite “Strong Man of a region 2015”. The Awards Ceremony took place in 19th June in the Bonerowski Palace in Cracow.

Mieczysław Joniec received the title “Strong Man of Limanowa land” for the second year in a row. The finalists have been chosen by Gazeta Krakowska’s readers  by sending messages or coupons.

The deputy Andrzej Gut-Mostowy summarized the plebiscite in following words: “… it is the reward for hard work given to incredible personalities and one of the proofs of how much goodness Gazeta Krakowska does for our land.” The finalists of the plebiscite are businessmen and local government from Małopolska region. That what links them is the willingness to develop the lands they live and work in.

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